Monday, 29 June 2015

imaging new animals

W.A.L.T use are imaginations to combine intoresting animals charactonstics and describe them.

My is called turanshark its a sharks body and turanchala legs.

This creater favierite food is meat and insects. Its habitat is caves in the ocean. For its behavyer hideing in caves.

My next step is too add more detail about the creature.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Maori vocabulary

I am practicing pronating Maori

Aporo apple

Arani Orange 

Hanawait  sandwich 

Hei hei chicken 

Huka sugar

Kapu cup

Kawhe coffee

Friday, 19 June 2015

An Adventure

W.A.L.T write creatively with lots of descriptive language.

there was once a land called cubes there was once a enomass,thundorus elepent called Ella. Ella lived in a padic  with her amasing,exstrondnry friends catherine the cat,brianna the bunny and  annabelle the armadillo and lods more. One day the friends decided  to go off on an adventure thro out the forest so they all jumped on ella and were off.They stpped because they smelt some thing tasty so they followd it and they came to a cookie canyon but when brianna went fowords she said OH NO! my mind is spinning what was that nosie and were did it come the friends went too see what was wrong then it started happen to them.they blacked out when they woke up they were in some kind of magical land and every thing around was hot red they all wanderd off throw the smokey red walls they saw some one... they walked up to the person he looked at them and hissed we al said that was weird . Ella walked walked up to a mirror and she was a human  she called out for her friendsthey all came over they all looked  beutiful then all out of no were some one said what are you  looking at they all got a fright they turned around and all there friends were there they asked them what they were doing here they said they were  following us then they disserperrd...

My next step is to use a lot more descriptive language and to recraft my writing.