Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Animal Mashup: The Wolfarantula

My animal is called the wolfarantula. The wolfarantula came to be when a tarantula fell into a hole and while a wolf was sleeping it snuck into it's mouth. The wolf swallowed it whole, then the wolf awoke and all a sudden it popped out 8 tarantula legs! Two random facts about it, it is not aggressive and it likes to show off.

It eats llamas, meat, flowers and lots more. It gets its food by killing stuff to get meat, but for the llamas it finds farms, rips open the fence and attacks.

It lives in the darkest jungle. The jungle of london. It lives in the darkest creepiest caves, and in the morning its darker than at night.

When it’s in a bad mood it sucks on rocks and when it's in a good mood it shuffles around licking people. It interacts with others very well unless they come after it.

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