Friday, 11 September 2015


Chapter's 1-5 when The Kehua Calls

Chapter 1 

A family moving to a new house there boy Rewi doesn't want too. All of friend are here the sister Megan is snoring away in the car. The Mum is excited to move the Dad can't wait to make a new roof.

Chapter 2 

Rewi and Megan were judging the house because. It has timber missing on the walls and animal droppings.Their Aunty  Miki passed on a couple years ago.

Chapter 3

They went to Aunty wiki's house. Rewi has a cousin called Pauly. They went for a bike ride and think they found a Kehua/ghost.

Chapter 4

They are preparing for spending two weeks at the whare. The younger cousins Kuini came behind 
 them. Megan came cuddling a fluffy grey kitten.

Chapter 5

They are helping with the fence it looked like it had been hit by a cyclone. Rotten posts old weather boards and rusted iron laying everywhere.

My Next step is to read a bit more so I can add it to my summaris.

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